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    WAsaku is a private office as an interpreter tour guide & sake sommelier.

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    "More dense time at your trip or travel, more wonderful encounters at locals". It's the main concept of WAsaku to plan and offer tours in addition to guiding, while playing a role as a sake sommelier to taste and introduce sake with enjoying connecting through it.

    I used to work for an import and export company to supply outdoor activity products from U.S.A., Europe and Asia for eight years as import & export coordinator for international trades including customs arrangements by ocean and air.


    I became to be interested in showing Japanese culture, tradition, innovative creativity besides product items along with communication to international people at the previous career.

    The start leads to now to promote the tourism of WAsaku. I look forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held and subsequently bring back repeated travelers after the world's sports event.

    Also, business of WAsaku contains other tour guiding, interpretation and instructor related associated business.

  • Sake & Classy Rakish Tour Tokyo Style_¥14,800 per person

    Currently, the tour schedule up to May 2019 is available.

    This tour stops by local spots and visiting a few sake tasting places selected in the Ryogoku area to be hosted by a government certified guide and sake sommelier. Tasting sake at each places for the decent quantity adds the enjoyment of local walking, while we also walk in a Japanese garden, visit a history museum on former Tokyo, Edo, take glimpses to Japanese traditional battledores and footwear with meeting the professionals at the shops. This tour style is purposed to be classy and rakish!

    For your booking, INQUIRY FORM at the bottom will assist you.


    Nagano Rice Fields & Onsen Experience Limited in September, 2019_¥50,000 up to 8 guests


    Currently, this tour has start to take tour reservations in advance to join in September, 2019.

    After the meetup at Marunouchi South Exit of JR Tokyo Sta. we'll head to Nagano by Shinkansen and local train. Transporting by Shinkansen is very comfortable and arrive to the destination fast more than we expected. We also use local trains for the local areas and a taxi for going to the onsen and the return. Fun visiting to one place to another at the local street in the high plain, spending the time at rice fields for harvesting, enjoying food and drink with local people, cool clear air while taking a bath outside!

    For your booking, INQUIRY FORM at the bottom will assist you.

    The detailed tour schedule will follow upon your inquiry.

    Private Individual Tour

    This plan is a customizing style tour with your request for the visiting areas and the purposes at the locations. WAsaku will support to make the tour from your rough image to fully arrange for the tour in Tokyo or the other destinations.


    For your interest or booking , please kindly access from the inquiry form below.



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    TEL 03 (3838) 5511


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